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Clerics outline condition for prosperity

Clerics outline condition for prosperity

By Adeola Ogunlade

The Archbishop of Lagos, Methodist Church Nigeria The Most Revd Dr. Isaac Ayobami Olawuyi, as well as The Presbyter, Wesley Cathedral Olowogbowo  Lagos, The Very Revd John Olanrewaju Solubi, have assured Nigerians of a secured prosperous Nigeria, provided they diligently and religiously key to the expectations of God in Obedience to His dictates.

They also advised that Nigerians should promptly emulate the total sacrifice of the life of Jesus Christ as well turn around and abstain from sins and by being their Brothers’ Keepers at all times.

The clerics respectively made these remark recently at the Wesley Chapel Lekki  Lagos State, as well as at the Wesley Cathedral Olowogbowo Lagos.

They stated the loving kindness of our Lord Jesus Christ to the Universe as well as His Obedience to the will of God, especially the sacrifice of his life to the point of death on the cross of Calvary which should be emulated by all.

They duo reiterated the need for the leaders in authority to abstain from reckless, Godless spending and be responsible and listen to the yearning of the masses through the  sacrifice of  their service to the teaming masses they rule over.

They sympathetically out lined the wickedness of man to heartlessly torture and crucified our Lord Jesus Christ to the point of death on the cross of Calvary, to which Jesus Christ remained submissive to the obedience to God’s will and to which some corrupt soldier deceived and denied his sympathizer even in his Death and Resurrection.

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