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I don’t care if I am not accepted, says Cuppy


By Sampson Unamka


Disc Jockey, DJ Cuppy has expressed how she feels over recent criticisms and shades from several quarters to her over seven million followers on Instagram.

Cuppy expressed how she felt about the criticisms in a live video saying, “I just started a career recently which a lot of you know about and I am just realizing that we cannot live to please people, I don’t care if I am not accepted, I don’t care if people no longer feel the need to praise me. I love my fans and I am happy with the kind of fans I have and I always go hard but the idea is not for praise, it’s doing it because I want to, doing it because I think it is important to do what I do.”

The daughter of Nigerian billionaire, Femi Otedola, also noted that she has come to understand that fans and individuals who sing her praises also turn back to seek her downfall.


She noted that  even if she wins a Grammy award, many of her critics will still insist she hasn’t done enough but that won’t deter her from doing what she does because her incursion into the entertainment industry makes her feel good.

“Guys, I could literally win a Grammy and they’ll still be feeling like Cuppy is not good enough, you know and that’s why I do things because they make me feel good, they make me happy. Am adding impact and value helping other people that’s why philanthropy is so important to me. Because guess what, at the end of the day it’s not about the biggest its not about the richest, it’s not about the best, it’s not about the sexiest, it’s literally about how you feel,” she said.

Cuppy summed up the criticisms against her music career saying, “It’s so important to understand that sometimes you are never going to make people happy because they are happy with themselves and I am realising that. Yeah don’t live your life for other people’s acceptance they will literally sometimes never accept you and just accept that. Don’t let them kill you, don’t let them put you down, don’t let them take away from you, do what you’re doing it is important.”

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