“Majority Of Nigerian A-List Female Artistes Sleep With Their Managers

Nigerian on-air personality,  Fola Folayan, has pointed out why Nigerian A-list entertainers can not be feminists.

Just yesterday, Teni was dragged on social media for slamming feminists. Her statement which explained that everyone is a feminist until its time to propose for marriage caused a lot of drama on social media and just like many other Nigerians, OAP, Fola Folayan seems to have a different view on the topic.

Taking to Twitter, she explained that Nigerian female artistes can not be feminists because the majority of them sleep with their managers in exchange for fame and fortune. They have to seek male approval before they can make it big in the industry. She also pointed out that the managers/controllers are the ones to decide on the kind of content the artistes put out, their style of dressing and also how they speak in public.

She wrote,  Will a mainstream Nigerian female entertainer ever be a feminist?Not likely.The industry is structured such that they have to pander to men to be given opportunities. The real decision makers are men and as sexist as they come. They NEED male approval if they’re going to eat. Could this be a shade to Teni?

Add that to the fact that a good number of the current A listers are sleeping with their managers/controllers who decide the content of their music, what they wear and how they speak in public. Controller-Managers who package them as sex symbols without a voice.

Of what use is your voice when you can shake your yansh for the highest corporate bidders? Leave gender equality issues for a minute, have you ever seen your female A listers engage the people thet claim are their fans on real issues affecting them? Okada ban, social media bill?

See her tweets below;


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  • “Majority Of Nigerian A-List Female Artistes Sleep With Their Managers – OAP, Fola Folayan Speaks
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