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Mother of autistic son diagnosed with cancer

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A mother of three, Mrs. Anna Oliver Akinyele, has implored well-meaning Nigerians to support her financially, as she has been diagnosed with cancer.

Mrs. Akinyele, who has a five-year-old autistic son, is begging Nigerians to allow her live so that she can take care of her autistic son and his siblings.

A social media group for autism parents, who made the appeal on behalf of Mrs. Akinyele, said: “Our sister, Anna Oliver and her wonderful husband, Tutu, were our hosts for last month’s autism parents’ hangout. They voluntarily accommodated us even as Anna was battling a persistent fever that was initially thought to be malaria and subsequently typhoid.

“The recent diagnosis is devastating and they need our help to facilitate Anna’s immediate treatment and return her back to continue the great work she is doing at the centre and for our community. Every help counts and nothing is too little. Let’s kindly support Anna with whatever we can as timing is critical.”

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Mrs. Akinyele said: “My name is Anna Oliver Akinyele. When we hear the word cancer we always pray it will not come near our family. Unfortunately, this beast still comes attacking.

“My family has been fighting one beast called autism for the past five years. My youngest son is diagnosed with autism and now we have to fight another one called cancer. I have been sick with episodes of fevers since September 26 last year. After running over 15 different kinds of tests, we were getting Splenic Lymphoma.

“I have to live for my family, my three children and especially my youngest son. I don’t have a choice. After combing through where the best viable treatment option is, we got a treatment centre in Israel called “Top Ichilov”. My treatment in Israel will cost me approximately $32,000, which is unaffordable for my family at this period and waiting any longer is dangerous. My dear fellow Nigerians, I cannot put a cost to life because I know it’s not something anyone can buy, but you can help save mine.

“I really need help. It was just too sudden, the way it hit me and my family, we don’t have anywhere to turn but to friends and families and also cry out to Nigerians for help. Please my family and I ask that you kindly send whatever you can to help reach this goal, nothing is too small.

“Here are our account details: Anna Akinyele, Zenith Bank, 2006904483 or Tutu Oliver, Gtb, 0048991789. Thank you and God bless you as you dig into your hearts to help my cause.”

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