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Open letter to Governor Buni

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By Bukar Atiyaye

SIR: The recent attack on Geidam Local Government of Yobe State by the Boko Haram insurgents is one of the most horrific attacks the state has witnessed lately. Many lives have been lost, including about 11 people from one family, and numerous properties burnt or destroyed. Hundreds of people have been displaced, exposed to this harsh weather, majority of whom are fasting. Not to talk about dozens, whose whereabouts is still unknown. The situation can never be worse!

It is a well-known fact that the primary responsibility of any government is the protection of lives and properties of its people. However, in the case of Yobe State, the situation seems to be completely different. To even assume that the priority of our governor is on his party or that it’s possible to govern the affairs of the state from a distance, is pathetic. He’s often times referred to as sabbatical governor on the streets. Not entirely untrue, if I may.

For well over 72 hours, Geidam residents were in consistent shock, fear, suffering and unimaginable distress, if not already dead with not even a direct address from the governor of the state. There was no one to stand up for them, to take responsibility. Except for a photo-op meeting with the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), apparently for optics. Where was the meeting? ABUJA?

Well, your excellency, if Abuja was where you met the CDS, then you should know that the military is a well-coordinated institution, you can’t skip all the ranks in your state and see the ones in Abuja. There’s a hierarchy, meet the ones in charge in Yobe, at least for a first-hand account in the interim, most logically, and when it is beyond them, they’ll take it up. Or was it just a tactical way of showing us you can’t be in Yobe by that time but you want to be perceived as someone acting?

Other state governors act and respond promptly to the happenings of their states. You’ll see them at the location of the incidents a few hours after its occurrence, cheering up the troops and sympathizing with the victims, that is the way. Yobeans do not believe such governors are better than you; you can do the same or even better. But that has everything to do with your presence, determination and of course, affection with the state and its people.

Your Excellency sir, it is high time you listen to the calls of the good people of Yobe State and stay home. Your presence is needed. It is high time you take your primary assignment seriously, for God’s sake. The good people of Yobe State elected you to have a caring father that’d govern them effectively and only visit other places when the need arises and in the interest of Yobe.

We strongly believe there are other competent people in the party that can efficiently handle the party’s affairs, if the party is the reason, leave it to them, you’re needed at home. A humble word from a humble subject, even if not for the good and innocent citizens of the state, at least, for GOD the Almighty!

  • Bukar Atiyaye, Damaturu, Yobe State.

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