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Strong Insurance Companies You Should Patronise


Buying insurance can be difficult. Knowing a good insurance company can be tough too. Definitions, conditions, coverages, exclusions, and endorsements can definitely cause confusion and, possibly, give you a headache.

In this report, Omobola Tolu-Kusimo showcases good, strong and reliable insurance companies where your claims are guaranteed.

While experts have canvassed the benefits of buying insurance, choosing the wrong insurer can be the biggest mistake an insured can make.

There is a thin line between a good and bad insurance company but spotting the difference can be difficult to a lay man.

In Nigeria, distrust among the public has been on the rise due to bad experiences of some insured. Despite this, some insurance companies have been distinguishing themselves, keying into regulatory reforms within and outside the insurance industry and offering best services.

The Nation in this report is showcasing to the insuring public good, strong and reliable insurance companies you can patronise for your insurance needs.

With these companies, you are assured of prompt payment of claims and innovative and efficient service delivery. The companies are financially stable. Each of them, however, strives to serve their customers with different ideas and innovation.

The Nation has highlighted eight strong insurance companies with strong indices and good customer service.

They include Leadway Assurance Plc, Cornerstone Insurance Plc, NEM Insurance Plc, Sovereign Trust Insurance (STI) Plc, Anchor Insurance Plc and Great Nigeria Insurance (GNI) Plc. It is pertinent to note that insurance plays a central role in your financial wellbeing, helping to provide financial security for you and your family when it’s needed most.

  • Why insurance matters
  • Protection for you and your family

Your family depends on your financial support to enjoy a decent standard of living, which is why insurance is especially important once you start a family. It means the people who matter most in your life may be protected from financial hardship if the unexpected happens.

  • Reduce stress during difficult times

None of us know what lies around the corner. Unforeseen tragedies such as illness, injury or permanent disability, even death – can leave you and your family facing tremendous emotional stress, and even grief. With insurance in place, you or your family’s financial stress will be reduced, and you can focus on recovery and rebuilding your lives.


  • To enjoy financial security

No matter what your financial position is today, an unexpected event can see it all unravel very quickly. Insurance offers a payout so that if there is an unforeseen event you and your family can hopefully continue to move forward.

No amount of money can replace your health and wellbeing – or the role you play in your family. But you can at least have peace of mind knowing that if anything happened to you, your family’s financial security is assisted by insurance.

A lump sum death benefit can secure the financial future for your children and protect their standard of living.

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